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Hard working, motivated, dedicated, perseverance, self-made. These are the pillars that Genesee Beard Co. was founded on and what our brand strives to portray. It only makes sense that our Genesee Beard Crew Ambassadors would share those same traits. Check out some of the awesome guys that love and use our products!

Dylan Jakobsen

Dylan Jakobsen
Country Music Artist Dylan Jakobsen

  • Debut Top 50 Single on Music Row Chart (May 2017)
  • First Overseas Tour (June 2017)
  • Named "One of 10 New Country Artists to Watch" by The Boot (January 2017)

Born and raised just outside of Seattle, WA, Dylan Jakobsen isn’t your typical country boy. He didn’t grow up on a farm and he doesn’t drink whiskey. His love of country music stemmed from listening to artists like Stapleton, Josh Thompson & Will Hoge, whose lyrics helped him find his voice as a writer and eventually helped him form his career. “I don’t want to just be another one of many. I’m here to write the stories in my heart, be the artist I know I can be and prove that this is where I’m supposed to be.” Though guitar is his main instrument, over the years Dylan has picked up the ability to play 10 additional instruments; a skill that gets puts to good use while producing his music!

By late 2016, Dylan was already doing US tours and living out of more hotels than he could remember. Summer plans were being made that not only included festivals and major support dates in the US and Canada, but a chance to make his debut in the UK as the closing act on a popular country festival and subsequently, a UK headliner tour came along with it! “These are the things you dream about as a kid, being able to have your music take you all over the world so when I got the call the offer came through, I was shocked.” While all of this was happening, Dylan decided it was time to make a push for radio and knew exactly which song it’d be with. “Silverado” may have been the last song written for the his current record [From Where I Began] but soon after it’s release because both a fan and artist favorite. “I like to call this song the little engine that could. As an independent artist, this song just kept climbing up the charts and when it hit top 50 on Music Row, man that feeling was indescribable cause I just never expected it.”

It’s safe to say that the last few years have been a dream come true for Dylan, but he’s far from reaching his goal. “Playing shows is what I live for. Doesn’t matter if it’s for 5 or 5,000 people, looking down and seeing people connecting to you & something that means so much to you is just something that’s unlike anything else in this world.”


Justin deBlieck

Justin deBlieck
Ice Nine Kills Lead Guitarist/Co-lead Vocalist Justin deBlieck

Ice Nine Kills is an American metalcore band who are signed to Fearless Records. To date, Ice Nine Kills has released three EPs: The Burning, 2 Song Acoustic and The Predator. Four full-length studio albums: Last Chance to Make Amends, Safe is Just a Shadow, The Predator Becomes the Prey, and their most successful album to date Every Trick in the Book which peaked at #122 on the US Billboard 200.