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The Genesee Beard Co. Difference

Our goal has been to provide the absolute best beard oils, beard balms, beard washes, and more, at affordable prices. Our products have always been all-natural and are handcrafted to help your skin and beard feel and look their best. We don't cut corners because your skin and beard deserves the best. Genesee Beard Co. began in 2015 as a labor of love, and continues on that same way after all these years.

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Awesome quality, exceptional customer service, and fast shipping.

Ben B.


I just received your beard oil and my girlfriend's nose has been buried in my beard all weekend, she says it's softer and smells better than my previous oil. Gentlemen you rock! Thank you!

Troy B.


I had so much dead skin on my chin under my beard and it would be all over my scrubs at work by the end of the shift. Now, it's gone. Once my beard got long enough I started using the oil to soften the brillo pad beard hair I have, and it works! This stuff is amazing.

Jakob A.


Best beard oils and products I have ever used and I've tried them all, especially if you have a full thick course style beard. Makes your beard much more manageable with the perfect shine and a great smell, highly recommend this product.

Marty P.


I've been using these products for several weeks now and I must say that my beard has never looked better. My wife says it feels softer as well. I'm gonna need more products soon as my beard get longer for next year's Santa gigs. Quality products at a reasonable cost. Thanks!

Bob B.

Why Choose Genesee Beard Co.?

When we were looking for beard care products for ourselves, we
realized that what was available was grossly overpriced. You'll never see a $25 bottle of oil from us and we certainly won't try to fool you into thinking our oil will make your beard grow faster.

We stand by our claim that this is the absolute best beard oil, the best beard balm and the best beard wash you can buy.

Our 100% natural beard oil, beard balm and beard wash are crafted, bottled, and labeled by hand in Rochester, NY. Our walnut beard combs are locally sourced and locally cut. We are all American made and all local. Available online and locally in Western NY.

Experience the handcrafted, small batch, Genesee Beard Co. difference.  We use only the highest quality, all natural ingredients that were selected and tested repeatedly to ensure a product that will hydrate and clean your face and beard and keep you smelling great.

Our products have not and will not ever be tested on animals.

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