An Update On: Dusk

We're unfortunately announcing the discontinuance of one of our more interesting and popular scents, Dusk.

Brachylaena huillensis (sometimes referred to as African Sandalwood), one of the key ingredients in giving Dusk it's unique, deep, dark, and earthy scent, has become a near-threatened species. While we could source this essential oil from new vendors that we haven't worked with in the past, we don't believe that we would be the right move for multiple reasons. Ethically, we shouldn't contribute to the destruction of a near-threatened species and morally, we have chosen the vendors we use for our essential oils due to their purity and rigorous testing standards.

While we won't be producing Dusk in the future, we will continue to offer our Dusk Beard Oil while we use up the remaining essential oils that we have. Our Dusk Beard Balm has run it's last production however and will not be restocked once it's gone.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to introducing a new scent in it's place in the near future!