Applying Beard Balm

We get plenty of questions on what to do with this tin of hard balm you just got in the mail. You twist off the lid, give it a whiff and go to scoop some out with your finger only to realize it's hard as a rock. Don't worry, you didn't receive a bad batch; it's supposed to be that way! Genesee Beard Co. has one of the best-holding balms available and will make sure your untamed hairs learn who the boss is. If you're looking for information on using beard oil, click here!

Step 1. Wash or wet your beard! Balms will work much better on a clean beard with a tiny bit of moisture in them. Even if you just splash a bunch of warm water on your beard and blot it dry.

Step 2. Oil it! If you're also using beard oil, work that good stuff in there before putting the balm in. Since you'll be applying balm, use a little less oil than normal.  You can also comb it at this step if it's a bit unruly. Comb from your neckline upward first and then back down from the top of your cheeks back into your neckline.

Step 3. Use the back of your nail to scrape out balm in a circular motion around the tin. You'll want a pea sized amount for a beard that's around one inch long.  If you don't feel like you've used enough after applying, you can always go back and scrape more out.  Don't fret on this too much!

Step 4. Rub the balm between your hands so that it liquefies. You don't want any gritty bumps left.

Step 5. Work the balm into your beard. Pat it down onto the cheek areas first where the worst fly-aways usually reside. Run your fingers through the longer portion of your beard under your chin and across the jawline. Do whatever it takes to work the balm all throughout your beard.

Step 6. Comb your beard with downward strokes only.

Step 7. Pat, smooth and shape your beard into a nice and refined look!

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If you need any assistance with applying balm or have any questions, feel free to reach out via email, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Beard on!