Beard Growing Tips

The first step in growing an awesome beard is to be patient. A full beard takes time so put down that razor and ask yourself if you've got what it takes.

There's no magic pill or product that will suddenly make your beard grow, but follow these beard growth tips and you'll be on your way to the beard of your dreams.

1. Give it time

Beard growth doesn't happen overnight. Give it a month of untouched growth to see how it looks. After the first month, trim up your neck and cheek but leave the rest be. Just make sure you don't trim that neckline too high; try not to go more than two finger widths above your Adam's apple.

2. Keep it clean

Wash your beard and face with a product specifically designed for your beard. Don't use a shampoo designed for the hair on the top of your heard as these are formulated to strip away more oils than your face can produce throughout the day.

3. Moisturize

In order for your beard to grow, your skin underneath it needs to be healthy. Apply a quality beard oil and work it through the hair and down to the skin. Don't drown your newborn beard in oil, only a few drops are needed at this stage. Beard oil will help take care of the dreaded beard itch and should make the experience a whole lot more comfortable.

4. Exercise

Increase your body's testosterone production by lifting some iron. If you want to make your beard grow, being healthy and active are paramount. Hitting weights will boost your testosterone levels as your body repairs the muscles you've torn down to make them stronger.

5. Eat

In order for your hair to grow you need to fuel your body. Hair is a made up of a protein called keratin. Eat a healthy diet consisting of protein and healthy fats (eggs, nuts, lean meat, yogurt). Don't forget your vegetables either!


One of the biggest mistakes people make is trimming their beard too much. Keep the trimming to a minimum and give it a chance to grow. There will be plenty of times where you're tempted to shave it all off during awkward or uncomfortable stages but your patience will be rewarded. Again, there's no magic way to make your beard grow or to make your beard grow thicker besides taking care of your skin, being active and healthy.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Beard on!