The Benefits of Beard Oil

Your beard and the skin underneath it both have a craving for hydration to keep themselves healthy and protected.  The sebum naturally produced by your skin is constantly being sapped away by your beard, but it's usually not enough to keep either party satisfied.

What you end up with instead is an itchy, dry face and a dandruff snow storm to show off.

There are two components that make up our beard oils: carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier (base) oils are generally derived from cold-pressing and maceration of seeds, nuts, fruits and other plant parts.  Each carrier oil was carefully selected to fit our strict requirements.  Our oil needed to moisturize your skin, hydrate your beard, remove tangles, protect it from mother nature, be lightweight and of course, tame the mane.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated liquids extracted from plants with very strong aromatic and therapeutic properties.  They are high in antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and have been shown to treat/reduce symptoms of common ailments.  You'll never see an essential oil in a pharmaceutical drug or will a doctor ever prescribe them as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs as they're naturally derived, they cannot be patented.  Unfortunately, this also means that big pharmaceutical companies will not spend the time or money researching them. 

Carrier oils used in Genesee Beard Co. products are 100% organic.  The essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade which means that no pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, gmos, harmful chemicals or natural fertilizers are ever used during any stage of the growing or distillation process.