Pricing News

Pricing News

Since we began creating and selling the best beard care products around, our pricing has remained consistent as we strove to maintain our original goal of providing lower cost alternatives to the brands that were available way back in 2015.

Since 2017 we've offered free shipping on all US orders (and will continue to offer free shipping on all US orders) as a way to pass on even more savings to our loyal beard crew. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping has risen exponentially since then. What used to cost us an average of $2.35 to ship an order, now costs us an average of $4.90. We've held out on having to make this decision as long as we could, but the most recent change in shipping charges were just too much. We decided to increase the price of a few of our items including our 1 oz beard oils, 2 oz beard balms, and our original beard wash. Note that none of these items received an increase of more than $1 as it just didn't feel right to us to simply pass on the entirety of the cost increases we're experiencing. In turn, we also decided to lower the price of our popular Beard Starter Kit which will now offer even more savings for the bundle.

We wanted to provide an update on these recent pricing changes in an effort to be as transparent as possible. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to continue making your beard look, feel, and smell the best it can!

-Dave Meleca, Owner
Genesee Beard Co.

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