Big Beard Comb

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What do you want out of your beard comb? Do you want something mass produced overseas with a random logo thrown on it like all the other guys, or do you want a product designed, sourced and crafted right here in the United States?

The premium walnut used in these combs is sourced from a company in Bristol, NY, they're then cut locally in Lima, NY, and finally sanded and sealed with our own oil blend by us here at Genesee Beard Co in Rochester, NY. All American, all local.

These wooden combs are designed to disperse oils through your beard and soak up the excess for later to help you look your best all the time. At nearly 4.5" wide and over 2.5" tall, this comb packs some serious size to it.

Please note that due to differences in wood and the sanding/finishing process, your comb may look a bit different than the photo.